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To all our valued business partners,

As you will most likely be aware, unprecedented events are currently unfolding in the Ukraine.

Like many others around the world, we share the view that the actions being taken are inexcusable and intolerable. Our thoughts are with all the people affected by this devastating situation and our hope is for a swift and peaceful resolution. We have overwhelming sympathy and support for the brave and proud nation of Ukraine.

We want to take this opportunity to reassure our valued client base in this testing time. At this moment in time, we do not foresee any direct issues with our business in terms of our ability to continue to operate as usual and meet your expectations. Naturally, due to the fluidity of this situation, we will monitor the events and their impact on our ability to maintain supply very closely.

We have taken pre-emptive steps by assessing the key stakeholders within our supply chain on whether any of our key materials are subject to restrictions of supply, both in terms of their general availability, as well as their geographical origin and any associated political restrictions. Our current assessment has indicated that none of our materials is affected, nor do they originate from the affected areas.

Whilst the conflict and the widespread sanctions do not currently pose a direct impact on our business, we are well aware that some elements of our business will invariably be impacted at some stage. It is no secret that the existing energy crisis will be exacerbated by the trade sanctions. We are seeing already record spikes for both Oil, Gas & Commodities prices – costs which will ultimately impact all of us. We will continue to monitor these volatile commodities and assess their potential impacts placed upon us. As always, our aim will be to avoid any price increases to you wherever possible. However, given the uncertain nature of this development, we cannot guarantee that there will be no cost impacts going forward; given that even before the escalation, we had been made aware of significant surcharges on some products.

Please rest assured that we will continue to assess all facets of this conflict and its resulting impacts on our ability to service our valued client base with the Quality, Response and Service which you dearly value.

We trust that this message allays any concerns you have at this stage. Should you still require further information on this complex topic, please contact us on the below details and we will endeavour to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability.