We are thrilled to announce that Skymark Packaging International Ltd has been awarded the Silver EcoVadis Medal, a significant recognition in the field of corporate sustainability. The EcoVadis Medal is not just a badge but a testament to a company’s commitment to ethical, environmental, and social standards. It serves as a benchmark, demonstrating our dedication compared to other companies in the EcoVadis database. While the medal is not an endorsement of our products or services, it does signify our positive intent and efforts in improving sustainability management performance.

Criteria for the Silver EcoVadis Medal

The EcoVadis Medal has strict criteria that focus on four main themes: Environment, Ethics, Labour & Human Rights, and Sustainable Procurement. To earn a Silver Medal, a company needs to be in the top 25% of companies assessed, with an overall score between 59 and 69. Furthermore, there are specific minimum scores required in each theme area, which are:

  • Environment: Minimum score of 30
  • Ethics: Minimum score of 30
  • Labour & Human Rights: Minimum score of 30
  • Sustainable Procurement: Minimum score of 25
How Skymark Met the Requirements

At Skymark, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s embedded in our DNA. Our fully integrated production processes—ranging from Blown PE, Cast PP and PE, to Flexographic printing and beyond—are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Our initiatives include:

  • Energy-efficient machinery that minimises waste
  • Use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products
  • Employee training programs focused on sustainability best practices

Our efforts have been validated with a high EcoVadis score, positioning us among the top 25% of companies assessed. This score reflects our practices across all four theme areas, substantiating our holistic approach to sustainability.

Earning the Silver EcoVadis Medal is a remarkable milestone for Skymark Packaging International Ltd. It aligns with our company statement: “We look to enable & inspire every individual and organisation to do more, using less.” This recognition reiterates our commitment to providing innovative, forward-thinking flexible packaging solutions that are rooted in sustainable practices.

But what does this medal mean for our team and customers? For our team, it’s a validation of the hard work and dedication that goes into making our operations as sustainable as possible. For our customers, it’s an assurance that when you collaborate with Skymark, you’re partnering with a company that holds itself to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

We see this achievement not as the finish line but as a marker on our ongoing journey toward greater sustainability. We are committed to continuous improvement and are excited about the path that lies ahead.