We create lightweight, recyclable and reusable packaging solutions

Skymark is the hidden gem of the packaging industry working from a vertically integrated production process, extruding and converting recyclable monoweb and laminate films with an accredited in-house closed loop recycling and recovery system.

Skymark manufactures and supplies sustainable quality printed flexible packaging

Our manufacturing capabilities include recyclable cast & blown films, flexographic printing, solvent and solventless lamination, slitting, laser easy open and scribing, conversion and recycling.
From our two manufacturing facilities in the UK, Ilkeston & Scunthorpe, we supply a wide range of products into the food and hygiene market sectors.

Skymark is continually developing innovative, technologically advanced and environmentally aware products.  We also offer a wide range of environmentally sustainable packaging solutions which complement our core product range.

Skymark are pleased to have supported one of their key development partners and customer Kimberly Clark, in the development of their recently launched recyclable paper based toilet tissue wrap.

Packaging converter turns hand to antimicrobial aprons




We at SKYMARK are continually assessing all the issues arising out of the fast moving COVID‐19 situation and treating this situation extremely seriously. Our aim is to reduce the risk of infection for our employees, customers and suppliers but to maintain full production. Following Government advice and a risk assessment* we have implemented the following measures: (*full details can be obtained from Neil Beacock, H&S Officer)

Job sharing for office‐based staff to ensure social distancing and backup cover.

We have already setup homeworking facilities for those employees who are able to work from home; they are continuing to doing so until further notice.

It is our intention to keep production operations fully manned, whilst following strict hygiene practices and government guidelines.

If any staff start to show any symptoms, they are aware of the need to self‐isolate with immediate effect.

While all customers are important to us, in these difficult times our company has a critical role to play in the supply of products to the hygiene, toilet tissue, wipes, medical drapes, diaper and food supply chain and we aim to ensure continuity of supply to all customers where possible. We will be prioritising some production and delivery of non‐critical items may be affected; customer will be contacted in the next few days to ensure orders, quantities and production demand are targeted to accurately meet their requirements wherever possible.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our fast response & just in time delivery policy, due to the new measures put in place and fast changing conditions, our responses may take slightly longer than usual. We ask where possible that you anticipate a longer lead time than usual, communicate your urgent needs to us and call‐in all material to your stores earlier. Please bear with us and rest assured that we will do our best and will respond as soon as practicable.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and hope that by working together our joint efforts will prevent the spread of this virus to keep our nation safe.

For and on behalf of all at SKYMARK

John Turner ‐ Managing Director

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