In an era where sustainability, efficiency, and quality are paramount, Skymark is at the forefront of delivering innovative packaging solutions. We are proud of SKYMONO BVP – our standout packaging solution designed to meet the specific needs of mince meat producers and packers.

Robust and Environmentally Friendly

SKYMONO BVP is a fully recyclable packaging solution, providing an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality. With superior barrier properties, including Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR <0.5) and Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR <4), it ensures optimal product freshness and shelf life.

Efficiency and Local Production

A significant advantage of SKYMONO BVP lies in its reduced packaging weight compared to traditional packaging methods. Transitioning from tray and top lidding to our flow wrap results in considerable material savings. Likewise, a switch from thermoformed base web and top lidding to our flow wrap also yields a significant reduction in packaging weight.

These reductions not only decrease the overall carbon footprint, but also lead to substantial cost savings for producers and packers, making SKYMONO BVP a win-win solution.

SKYMONO BVP is produced at our Scunthorpe site, ensuring reliable, prompt delivery without concerns over transport disruptions from Europe. Our local production facilities offer peace of mind to our customers who prioritise speed, reliability, and sustainability in their supply chain.


As market demands evolve and sustainability becomes a key driver, Skymark remains committed to providing cutting-edge, responsible packaging solutions. Choose SKYMONO BVP for your mince meat packaging needs – a choice that demonstrates your commitment to quality, efficiency, and the environment.

To learn more about SKYMONO BVP and how it can revolutionize your packaging process, contact Skymark today.