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Pioneering Sustainability and Innovation

In the rapidly evolving world of flexible packaging, the twin spectres of regulatory changes and environmental sustainability are reshaping industry practices. As the EU steers towards comprehensive packaging sustainability through its revised Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, aiming for all packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2030, UK’s packaging industry, spearheaded by innovators like […]


Aligning with the Simpler Recycling Scheme

The UK government’s recent unveiling of the Simpler Recycling Scheme heralds a new era in recycling, offering a streamlined approach that resonates with the growing eco-conscious consumer base. This initiative is more than a regulatory alignment; it’s an invitation for brands to bolster their environmental stewardship, a value highly esteemed in today’s market. At the […]

TOPPAN Acquires Skymark Packaging

We are excited to announce that Skymark Packaging International has been acquired by TOPPAN’s subsidiary, InterFlex Group. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey and aligns perfectly with our enduring commitment to sustainability and innovation. Broadening Our Service Offerings Headquartered in Scunthorpe, Skymark has always been devoted to sustainable packaging solutions. Our diverse […]

Celebrating Our Very Own Unsung Hero: Shaine Gill-Ohrt

At Skymark Packaging International Ltd, we pride ourselves on our passionate team members who go above and beyond in driving our mission to provide innovative, forward-thinking flexible packaging solutions. Today, we are exceptionally proud to announce that our Compliance & Accreditations Manager, Shaine Gill-Ohrt, is a finalist in the Unsung Hero Category for the Plastics […]


Silver EcoVadis Medal: A Testament to Our Sustainable Practices

We are thrilled to announce that Skymark Packaging International Ltd has been awarded the Silver EcoVadis Medal, a significant recognition in the field of corporate sustainability. The EcoVadis Medal is not just a badge but a testament to a company’s commitment to ethical, environmental, and social standards. It serves as a benchmark, demonstrating our dedication […]


Navigating the EPR Delay

Insights from Packaging Manufacturers and Brands In a time of rapidly evolving economic and regulatory landscapes, the recent announcement of the one-year delay to the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme by the UK Government, until 2025, has stirred mixed reactions. From the perspective of both packaging manufacturers and brands, it’s worthwhile to […]

Case Study: SKYMONO P with laser score

At Skymark, we believe in turning these challenges into opportunities for innovation. This case study explores how we used our unique approach to problem-solving to meet a customer’s specific needs while also addressing sustainability concerns.

Unleashing Innovation Through Partnership

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to innovate and adapt is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. At Skymark, we understand this imperative and have developed a unique approach to problem-solving that puts collaboration at the forefront: Partnership Development Projects (PDP). Skymark’s Unique Approach to Problem Solving The Power of Partnership The PDP […]


The Mass Balance Approach to Plastic Packaging Tax

A New Horizon for Sustainable Packaging In the current environmental and economic landscape, the issue of plastic waste has taken centre stage. Governments, businesses, and consumers alike are grappling with the challenge of reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. One such initiative is the Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), introduced by HM Revenue and Customs […]