In a world where we face a multitude of environmental challenges, we at Skymark Packaging are aiming to redefine how business can play a vital part in improving the lives of everyone around us.

At Skymark Packaging we take our obligation to our Environment serious. As such, we are always on the look-out for improvements to our environmental impacts on society. As a heavy user of Natural resources, both in terms of our Utilities and Raw materials, as well as being a user of a multitude of chemical products, we are all too aware that we must strive to adapt our practices and products to be as clean and green as is possible.

In the past, we have been working on a number of successful projects on reducing our waste footprint, such as on-site recycling of Plastic materials or reducing our overall power consumption by significant amounts. Now though, we are taking our ambitions to the next level by actively working towards compliance to Zero Waste to Landfill requirements.

Our team have spent significant amounts of time to assess and audit all of our current Waste streams, from wood and metal through to plastics and chemicals with the aim of diverting any waste away from landfill. Due to the excellent work conducted by all of our operational staff, we are proud to say that none of our waste materials are currently sent to landfill. Many are being recycled into new products (internally and externally) or used as alternatives to fossil fuels within the supply chain to construction materials or Energy from Waste plants within the UK.

If you are looking for a supply chain partner who has an impeccable record in developing ground-breaking products, whilst finding innovative ways of reducing its impact on the environment, then Skymark Packaging should be the first name on your list.