Skymark Packaging has long held a desire to conserve our environment. We produce innovative packaging solutions, efficiency projects and next level working methods. Whenever we explore a possibility to improve, we endeavour to involve our work force or (wherever possible) local companies that share the same philosophy as Skymark, reducing unnecessary carbon emissions associated with travel and logistics. Our Free cooling project is another fine example of our philosophy.  

Together with our project partners at ICS Cool Energy, Skymark have delivered a milestone project which has seen us using nature to help us reduce our costs.

Our partners at ICS Cool Energy have managed to provide an in-line cooling solution to ensure that our objective has been met:

“Reduce our energy use for water cooling purposes by at least 200,000kWh/annum”

Systems like these always rely on external factors to be successful. Thankfully, the weather in North Lincolnshire is favourable to us in our attempts to make the most of this development.

We are delighted to report that we have successfully achieved our objectives by using the typically moderate Lincolnshire climate to help us cool our water system whilst saving in excess of 200,000kWh per annum of electricity in the process.

The project ensures that we do not only reduce our like-for-like annual electricity consumption and associated Carbon emissions, but we have also reduced one of our key operational costs.  Process cold water has been reduced from being the 2nd most expensive consumer in 2017 to not even featuring within the Top 5 in 2019. What an absolutely amazing result.

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