Solvent & Solventless Lamination

Our lamination film department has invested in a new Nordmeccanica Combi 3000 Laminator to continue our growth within the lamination / barrier film sector.

The Combi 3000 laminator ensures Skymark remains at the forefront of packaging innovation. The Combi 3000 has a number of features including:

  • Solventless & Solvent based adhesive system
  • In-line one colour print facility
  • Coating and lacquer
  • Water based adhesive
  • Cold seal in register application

The laminator enables Skymark to expand into other technically advanced markets such as speciality floor wipes, medical and pharmaceutical, retort and high barrier applications.

Typical structures include PET and OPP laminated to our range of SKYMAX films.

Skymark has a detailed understanding of lamination film complexities.  Coupled with an extensive knowledge in blown mono and co-ex films we are able to match your exact requirements for gauge, slip, gloss, strength or sealing properties.