Skymark converted products incorporate our extensive film and printing expertise.

The range includes:

  • Clear films with superior optical properties
  • Films with a crisp feel for quality bag applications
  • State of the art Metallocene films for ultra high strength and puncture resistance
  • Mono films with colour and physical properties to match customers’ specification
  • High Performance Black / White Co- Ex films and Coloured co-ex films to customers’ specifications
  • Co-ex films with high gloss inside and out
  • A combination of properties with high gloss inside and super silk finish outside
  • High gloss inside and traditional rough paper match outside
  • Co-ex films with engineered slip (COF) differential
  • Films with UV inhibitors to increase shelf life on exposure to sunlight
  • Biodegradable additives for more environmentally friendly bags
  • High quality printing to 10 colours with spectacular colour intensity


The style of Skymark converted products covers an extensive range:

  • Printed up to 10 colours
  • Spectacular colour intensity
  • Heat sealable
  • Auto-wicketted
  • Block headed
  • High strength to gauge ratio


Hygiene applications:

  • Sophisticated Draw Tape closures
  • Toilet tissue packaging
  • Auto-wicketted
  • Standard to Super Large sizes all auto-wicketted
  • Die cut handles
  • Biodegradable systems on request
  • All our products are recyclable


Bag Developments & Custom Bags

At Skymark we specialise in developing products in association with our customers and we are always pleased to listen to your requirements and work with you to provide solutions for your packaging needs.