Cast Embossed Extrusion

Our micro-embossed 5 layer premium performance films are technically engineered to suit the most demanding applications.

Our cast embossed films are produced for the following markets:

  • Adult Incontinence
  • Baby Diaper
  • Feminine Care
  • Medical Drapes/Gowns
  • Embossed Toilet Tissue
  • Speciality Films

This material is manufactured at our Scunthorpe facility in widths of up to 2.4 meters.  The multilayer capabilities of both machines ensure that Skymark are able to offer unique and bespoke speciality films for these demanding, often low gauge, applications.

Both high output lines use the latest gauge control and winding technologies to ensure consistent material performance.  Gauge availability ranges from 15um up to 80um and comprises a wide range of PE and speciality polymer options.


In exceptional circumstances, exceptional ideas and products are required. SKYMARK has teamed up with Biomaster to create cleaner, more hygienic, protected plastic surfaces. Biomaster efficacy works 24/7 for the lifetime of the product against most types of harmful bacteria. Originally developed as part of a product range for Cool Bags, Skymark’s antimicrobial film offerings are being expanded to support a range of other applications.

How does it work?  See link for full details: Antimicrobial Films

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