Artwork & Origination

Our graphic design department can design and produce finished printing plates in the shortest time possible, from a simple concept through to digital artwork ready files.

We utilise computer aided reprographic systems to produce digital based artwork which provides accurate proofs for customer inspection and produces final colour separated files for transfer to printing plates.   The system uses PDF or ISDN.  The final position of the printed image is crucial to the finished appearance of the pack and must be planned accurately when printing on any flexible substrate. At Skymark we have a wealth of experience of the print positioning and lay sheet requirements of our customers’ auto-wrapping machines.  Close liaison with machinery manufacturers ensures that we are aware of all current specifications.
We are aware of the crucial importance of presentation and image integrity for point-of-sale applications and we liaise closely with our customers’ marketing and graphic design departments to ensure that the full benefits of excellent flexographic print quality can be achieved.