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Striking Gold

Skymark Employee wins medals at National Taekwondo Event

At Skymark, we love to share some good news. So when we heard that one of our colleagues had participated at the BTC Taekwondo event in Worcester on 22.09.2019 together with 750 other competitors.  We couldn’t help but share the good news.

Shaine Gill-Ohrt, Corporate Compliance and Accreditation Manager for Skymark, picked up 2 Medals in his first outing within this national competition, having started Taekwondo as a hobby towards the end of April this year.

The haul went one step further than his previous outing at the Lincolnshire Championships in Grantham earlier this year.

On top of a Silver Medal for the traditional Pattern competition, Shaine and his teammates managed to score Gold in the Team Sparring competition.

Following his medal haul, Shaine returned home to a hero’s welcome by his daughter, who immediately confiscated both of his medals. They now live happily next to Barbie’s house and her LOL Pets.

We enjoy seeing our team members flourish and enjoy their work and private lives. We wish Shaine continued enjoyment in his hobby and much success on any future competitions.

If you too would like to start Taekwondo within the Scunthorpe or Hull area, why not join Shaine and many others at James Welsh Schools of Taekwondo.

Do you work for Skymark and have your own story you would like to share? Why not contact Lisa Revill.