Recovery & Recycling

At Skymark Packaging International, we take our obligations to the environment serious. We therefore actively promote the core principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to our staff. But we don’t stop there. Have a look below on how we implement our strategies throughout our Supply Chain. You’ll be amazed what we can do.


We continue to reduce packaging weight by developing thinner films to be used in laminate construction without impacting on shelf appeal and performance. We continue to focus on new initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint.



We supply packaging with post consumer waste and industrial waste for food and non food application. We also recycle printed laminates on site. We reuse wherever we can and in a manner which does not adversely affect our products. We employ strategies, such as our on-site core recycling unit, trim grinder & refeed units and our Solvent recovery systems to ensure we can make the best use of everything we buy.



Our biggest jewel in the crown is our ability to recycle – We have teamed up with other European partners to create the worlds’ first commercially available Erima Pureloop recycling unit right here at our Scunthorpe site. The unit allows us to recycle around 120mT of plastic packaging waste every month, all whilst removing a significant proportion of typical contaminants, such as residual solvents and associated odours. In addition to this, our Reco-trim units at our Ilkeston site allow us to boost this by another 20+mT per month. We utilise our recycled polymers in some of our green range products. Those polymers we can’t utilise in our own products find a new home in other applications, such as protective packaging for our products, innovative shoe soles and other industrial plastic products, meaning we make the best use of our waste.



Being Skymark, we are never satisfied with the status quo – we are therefore actively engaging with our clients to recover their plastic waste generated from our products. We return this waste into usable product using our own recycling capabilities. This fully controlled closed loop system allows us to control all of our films’ parameters to high degrees, as we know where the waste came from and what is in it.