Eco Projects

Skymark conducts a number of environmental projects on an on-going basis. Some examples of this are set out below.

FlexoTech Press Release – Water-based inks for sustainable packaging

“Skymark Packaging has worked with ink manufacturer Follmann to create strong colour designs with eco-friendly water-based inks”
See link for full detailsSkymark Follman


These are two projects which have been completed at our Scunthorpe installation. Both of these projects have a positive environmental impact.


Core Cutting Machine

Previous process:

The cores were cut on smaller machines to specified lengths. Off cuts which were too short for use were scrapped and sent for local recycling with waste cardboard. The waste stream volumes were high and the project aim was to reduce this to as low a level as is achievable.

New process:

This recently installed machine has two core cutting functions:

It cuts new different internal diameter cores to specified lengths for introduction into the manufacturing process.

It joins up small lengths of cores and then cuts the cores to specified lengths. These are for introduction into the manufacturing processes at both of our manufacturing installations.

Environmental benefits:

The effect of this new machine is the volume of cardboard waste sent for local recycling has been significantly reduced. This has also reduced the quantity of journeys made to exchange the skip.


Renzman Distillation Machine

Previous process:

Waste solvent from the manufacturing process was gathered and stored in 205 litre metal drums. The drums were palletised and stored over bunded storage to await collection by a licensed hazardous waste contractor. The contractor would recycle the waste solvents into print grade solvent. It would be returned to the site and used within the manufacturing process. The process was inefficient and took up valuable storage space.

The waste stream volumes were high and the project aim was to reduce this to as low a level as is achievable.

New process:

A Renzman distillation machine was installed into a newly constructed building. The machine is connected to our printing presses. This receives dirty solvent from the presses and issues recycled solvents. This is a continuous loop process which has replaced the previous procedure of sending this waste stream off site to be recycled and returned. There is a small waste stream from this process which cannot be recycled and is disposed of.

Environmental benefits:

The road journeys to collect and return the waste stream have been reduced. The demand on bunded storage has also been reduced. The on site process releases only very small quantities of fugitive emissions.

Plastic Packaging ban “could harm environment”

Consumer pressure to end plastic packaging in shops could actually be harming the environment, a report says