CSR Policy

Skymark takes its social responsibilities very seriously and has taken measures to ensure that we have integrated this responsibility into our daily activities and operations. Our CSRs do not stand apart from what we do, they form part of the fabric of what we do. We have integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the company's core strategies and processes. We aim to be a responsible global citizen.


Skymark recognises that its business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the societies and environments in which it operates. It is the policy of Skymark that it endeavours to manage these potential impacts in a responsible manner.

Skymark believes that sound and appropriate performance in relation to corporate social responsibility is linked to business success.

Skymark is committed to reviewing and continuously improving its corporate social responsibility programme and encouraging its business partners to strive for the same objectives and levels of performance.

Skymark formalises its Corporate Social Responsibility through a framework of policies including a strict ethical code.