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Skymark Golf Day 2015

Hosts: Ilkeston

Venue: Ormonde Fields Golf Club, Condor.


Ilkeston Team                              Scunthorpe Team

Steve Smithurst                                Andy Moores

Ian Watson                                        Chris Bursnell

Mark Capewell                                  John Turner

Dan Gilliott                                        Chris Hewitt

James Orchard                                  Sean McCabe

Matthew Newton                               Karl Nazareth

Kevin Atkins                                       Chris Bryden

Leigh Barringtion                              Dave Goulding


This year’s golf day was a windy and a very hilly affair, the course is was very tight and difficult, judging by some of the scores posted, some may call it impossible. For the older members of the team an oxygen tank with a very attractive nurse was on hand to help get them through (some may have missed this). It is fair to say that Ilkeston having narrowly lost last year was out to put matters right, they came home with a convincing winning score by a wide margin. I guess a lot of sneaky practice was going on here. As ever, it was a toughly enjoyable day and as it should be, a meeting of staff from 2 sites gets people together, good banter was had by all.

Notable mention should go to Karl Nazareth, who wanted to take home all the individual prizes but rules are rules and was awarded just one for nearest the pin on a difficult 18th hole

The longest drive was won by Andy Moores

The Individual best score was, Steve Smithurst with 38 points

Second place after a count back was, Chris Brydon with 37 points

Third place again after a count back was, Ian Watson with 37 points

For the longest walk which means he visited parts of the course not normally seen has to go to the newcomer to golf, Dave Golding (Don’t be hard too on him Karen)

Winning the Skymark Golf Trophy goes to Ilkeston (Well done)

A small side match was going on in the background with John & Paul taking on the Origination Team, which consisted of Dale and Geoff Walton from Connect(Skymark repro and plate suppliers). The result was that John & Paul enjoyed the fruits of their victory at the bar, just a small coke each. It was a close result that went to the last hole

A big thank you to Lisa for organising a great day, and the golf club for a real hearty pie and chips. We were looked after really well

Next year it will be Scunthorpe to host the event.

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