Skymax – Blown Polyethylene

Skymax: The primary purpose of a substrate whether it is paper, polyethylene or polypropylene is to provide attractive and practical packaging solutions suitable to run on various types of wrapping machines. At Skymark we possess an intimate knowledge of the specifications and performance characteristics of the majority of wrapping machines and the substrates that run on them. We have achieved this by collaborating with manufacturers of automatic wrapping machinery such as Sitma, Wrapmatic, Cassoli, Hayssen and Joisten & Kettenbaum. We are regularly involved in the design of sealing and forming sections of new plant and equipment.

The Skymax range of films are used in several applications.  Please find below applicable data sheets

General Purpose Films

Toilet Tissue


SKYMAX 6508M 40um  SKYMAX 6508M 45um  SKYMAX 6508M 50um  SKYMAX 6508M 60um

SKYMAX 6508M 75um

SKYMAX 6509M 60um  SKYMAX 6509M 75um  SKYMAX 6509M 100um

If the data sheet you require is not available above please contact us to discuss.

Skymax: Our Ilkeston facility produces all the multilayer blown film requirements for the business and is capable of producing films up to a width of 2.6 metres.   We continue to develop and maintain close relationships with our polymer suppliers and joint development programmes have resulted in the manufacture of various innovative products that ensure we meet our customers’ needs.

Substantial investment in both cooling ring and die technology coupled with fully computerized IBC high output co-extruders, has further enhanced the quality of our films.  Each stage in the manufacture of our products is monitored, controlled, assessed and recorded to ensure the same consistent high quality.


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