Skyeco – Degradable and Recycleable Films

Skyeco: Skymark has been a registered recycling company for the last 10 years and operates a closed loop waste system. The recycling process allows us to transform waste into new products, minimising the waste of potentially useful materials. In addition to recycled films we also offer a full range of degradable products.

SkyEco biopolymers are based on polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) and are made by fermentation using renewable carbon based feedstocks, making them 100% biobased in neat form.  SkyEco use the leading technology for production of a broad range of PHA biopolymers as evidenced by an industry leading intellectual property portfolio and continues to innovate further to expand the range of performance and production economics of our  PHA biopolymers.

Please feel free to download our technical data sheets for a little more information

For more information about Skyeco contact us on or call +44 (0)1724 270777 or +44 (0)115 9302020