Skyair – Breathable Films

The SKYAIR® and SKYAIR® XT Breathable Membranes have been developed by Skymark using the latest advanced resin and manufacturing technologies. They are designed specifically to offer a cost effective, high performance membrane for lamination to fabrics in technical textile market sectors. SKYAIR® membranes are designed to offer mid-range MVTR levels (relative to gauge of the material) and are suitable for those applications where higher temperature resistance is required, such as sublimation printing. SKYAIR® XT membranes are designed to offer high MVTR levels and are suitable for those applications where advanced performance is a necessity. SKYAIR® XT membranes offer a real alternative to the other premium branded membranes. Both SKYAIR® and SKYAIR® XT breathable membranes offer excellent characteristics: • Excellent Breathability (MVTR) • 100% Waterproof • 100% Windproof • Soft and Flexible • Good Washability • Excellent Temperature Resistance • Based on a Monolithic, Hydrophilic Polymer Structure

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