Skymark is uniquely placed for the provision of laminate materials for pre-made Pouches.  With our in-house PE and CPP sealant layer technology, we can provide the broadest range of material structures to meet your precise needs, and have the capability to develop a bespoke solution to your innovation challenges.  Our PE sealant webs provide excellent seal integrity and adhesion to all reseal gripper technologies while our laser score capability provides the very latest in ‘easy open’ features. Laminates including our CPP sealant layer gives your pouch the highest clarity and puncture resistance, and also provides pouches for both microwave and retort applications.

Structures include –






Pet/CPP Microwave

Pet/CPP Retort

Pouch / Bag types –

Stand up Doy style

Stand up K-Seal

3 side seal pouches

Flat gusset pouch

Centre seal Bags

Quad seal Bags

Additional Features –

Sensory Grippers for re-close

Tear notch and laser score for easy open

Laser perforation

Hanging Holes



For more information contact us on sales@skymark.co.uk or call +44 (0)1724 270777 or +44 (0)115 9302020