Research & Development

Skymark conducts many R&D projects, some independently and others with partners. Skymark participates in a European Union Consortium Project, The Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, alongside other research institutes, SMEs and end users. The companies involved in projects cover the complete value chain of the products including thermoplastics materials processors, manufacturers of extrusion equipment, film laminators and printers, packaging manufacturers, recyclers and final end users such as food companies.


Skymark participates in the following projects:-


CLIPP – for Skymark to clean and filter jazz reclaim. We have had a lot of success with the CLIPP project and Skymark can now produce odourless, clean filtered reclaim that can be used in a number of novel applications. Follow-on projects are in the pipeline to further develop CLIPP and also consider printed CPP for the first time.


ADCELLPACK – biodegradable paper/poly alternative to existing complex laminated structures – Skymark contribute cast film and lamination expertise.

The main objective of the project is to provide a new renewable based paper tray for modified atmosphere packaging, replacing polymer based webs for tray thermoforming with the following properties:

• Low permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor

• Resistance to fats

• Low light transmittance

• Heat sealable to assure hermeticity of the whole package (tray + lid)

• Sheet material used for tray should be thermoformable to obtain a low depth tray (10 mm)

• Food safety clearance


BIOACTIVE LAYER – New packaging for dried baby food

The main objective of BIOACTIVELAYER is to provide a novel biodegradable multilayer structure with active properties for dried baby food packaging. This solution will replace conventional structures based on non-renewable resources with an active LDPE/LLDPE layer from Skymark that provides the required water and oxygen barrier. Skymark contribute cast and blown film expertise.


We work with the following partners on these projects:-

AIMPALS research centre Spain,

MATRI research centre UK

ITENE research centre Spain

VTT research centre Finland

Saymopack S.L. – flexible packaging Spain

Extruder Experts, Germany

GNEUSS, Filter Experts Germany

Aligoplast, S.A. Recycling specialist Slovenia

PEPI-PLAST d.o.o. Machine specialist Slovenia

GREFUSA Spain – Snacks

Plasttechnics Cluster Slovenia

PAPELERA DE BRANDIA – Paper pulp; Spain

ELASTOPOLI OY – Technical development rubber and plastic

JUAN LUNA – cheese and meat packaging Spain

CARREFOUR – international hypermarket

HATZOPOULOS – flexible packaging converting Greece

BELOURTHE – cereals processing Belgium


PLUSFRESC – supermarket Spain


For further information on any of the EU projects we are part of please contact