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Covid-19 – A personal view by Shaine Gill-Ohrt, Skymark’s Corporate Compliance and Accreditation Manager

Covid-19 – A personal view by Shaine Gill-Ohrt, Skymark’s Corporate Compliance and Accreditation Manager

You never quite know how life can be changed until you have to change it. We have all had our own experiences of just how Covid-19 has affected us. Some have seen devastating losses, others have had to adapt and overcome personal or professional obstacles. I was fortunate not to be in the first group of people. For all of the havoc Covid-19 has caused so far, there are some positive points to take from it. Allow me to explain:

For all the terrible devastation that Covid-19 has caused, our Generation (or even the one before) has never been in a position where the fundamentals of what we know and what we expect have been challenged. I am not talking about the local corner shop closing down or our favourite Shampoo being withdrawn. No, the biggest changes, aside from our lifestyle restrictions has to be how humanity has rallied to support each other in unprecedented fashion.

There were many reports of smog lifting in places such as Delhi and clean water ways in Venice; even Blackpool beach looked like a snapshot from a Mediterranean holiday brochure. Whilst Society hit the Pause button and scrambled to find safe places against an invisible enemy, our environment literally changed.

Plastics were demonised only months earlier. During the Pandemic, Plastics provided answers to difficult Questions:

How do we keep our food safe? How do we keep our Health services Staff safe? How do we keep ourselves safe?

At Skymark, we have been looking at these developments very intently and responded with unprecedented speed. We designed, developed and created a number of innovative products and solutions, all of which are intended to question the established Paradigm:

  • Over 240,000 Anti-Microbial Poncho-Style PPE Aprons were made to support our Health and Care service professionals. Over 80% of these were donated free of charge to struggling local Care Providers.
  • Fully recyclable Mono Material Laminates in markets which traditionally do not offer recyclability.
  • Commercialised Packaging Materials which feature significant proportions of Recycled Content Materials quite a while BEFORE they became mandatory.
  • We have created our Environmental Sustainability Roadmap covering the next 5 years of Operations
  • We are working in partnership to develop a new, innovative system to monitor and report on our environmental performance

In the wake of Covid-19, we have seen the importance of developing materials and business practices which are not just meeting current requirements, but support the long-term aspirations of Skymark Packaging International Ltd. – To be at the forefront of Environmental and Technical solutions. We have plenty more planned so why not see how we can help you with your sustainability developments.