Meet our Team

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We look forward to introducing you to our team members very shortly.


In the meantime here is an update on apprentices we currently have at Scunthorpe:

Toby Holden – is currently being sponsored by Skymark and studying with Heta (Humberside Engineering Training Association) in Scunthorpe. He is due to complete his initial studies by June 2017,  before coming to Skymark to commence his Engineering Systems NVQ. 

Daniel Matson – after completing one year with HETA, Daniel is now completing additional studies in electrical engineering, whilst working at  Skymark two and a half days a week. Daniel is just starting on his Engineering Systems NVQ with support from his HETA assessor Stephen Cotton and site mentor Andy Nicholls. 

Shelby Harton –  has just joined Skymark to work as a Sales Apprentice. She is embarking on a Customer Service Level 3 NVQ, supported by assessor Pamela Borthwick from North Lindsey College and Sales Team Leader Elisa Taylor.


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