Recovery & Recycling

As a business we seek to absolutely minimise the quantity of material we send to landfill. We achieve this by careful segregation of our waste streams, re-using and recycling at every opportunity.

Film Production Arisings

Carefully selected plain film production scrap is able to be fedback into our production process for certain products with zero impact on the finished film characteristics.

Printed film waste is all recycled back into pellet form for re-use in appropriate extruded materials.

Other Non-hazardous Wastes

Items such as cardboard cores, scrap metal, pallets etc, are all recovered and recycled on site or fed into specialist waste streams.

Hazardous Wastes

Items such as waste ink, solvent and cleaning cloths are all recovered and either recycled for re-use on site or sent off site to licenced processors.  Our business is registered with the Environment Agency as a Hazardous Waste Producer.